Does porn depict lesbian sex accurately?

Watching pornstars go at it during sex scenes often leaves people wondering. They ponder if what they are watching is actually accurate and factual. There are many sex scenes which often defy not only logic, but gravity itself. You also have instances where performers seem to have never-ending energy. This has been something people have always mentioned when it came to traditional man on girl porn. However, folks have also begun to ask that same question about lesbian pornography.

Some have been known to use lesbian porn movies they find on adult sites such as 3Movs as tutorials videos. In their minds, they believe that the films depict how lesbian women behave. More importantly, that what is being done to the women is actually what females desire. Interestingly enough, this is something that happened and continues to happen with individuals who view man and girl porno. Yet research has shown that it can end up being a problem. For instance, men who see women being treated roughly in a certain scene, may think their spouse or partner will like that. They may want to ram their way into a woman because that’s what they see in most sex scenes.

Yet when you ask most women about it, that is not the way they want to be treated or have sex. When it comes to lesbian sex videos, the same concerns are being raised. When you ask real lesbians about how accurate the sex scenes from porn are, many say it is not always correct. A prime example are some of the free lesbian porn videos found online depicting lesbians scissoring. That particular genre is among one of the most popular in the lesbian category. But when you ask real gay women about it, they say it is not something most of them do. Some joke about how hard it would be to be able to do it without kicking one another in the face.

Other examples are women with long fingernails fingering a lesbian’s vagina. This is problematic and dangerous for the other woman. You also have videos showing that lesbians always use their tongues as way to give and receive orgasms. While that happens often, it is inaccurate according to real lesbian girls. They use more than their tongues to give and receive pleasure. There are many other instances where what is depicted in lesbian pornography is not completely accurate. Just remember that when watching lesbian porn, you should view it mostly as entertainment, and not factual.