Being aware of dating etiquette in Dubai is crucial because PDAs here can get you in some serious trouble. Here are some dos and don’ts if you want to find trans women in Dubai.

Check out the Social Hubs

Attractive singles in Dubai flock to the city’s social hubs, which are so-called hookah bars. After work, professionals go there to relax and see friends. Most of them are foreigners, but if you’re lucky, you might meet a gorgeous local ladyboy. The airline industry employs many. It is always safer to date within your community, though.

Be as discreet as you can if you’re meeting someone at a hookah bar. You can take them on dates to the mall if you want, just like you would in any country. Wherever you go, do not wear inappropriate (revealing) clothes and don’t let them do it either. Only people who are married may hold hands in public. It is illegal for everyone else, especially same-sex couples. If you are a male who’s dating a trans woman, you two are a same-sex couple in the eyes of the law.

You’ll most likely be asked for your marriage certificate if you take your date to a hotel. Do you rent an apartment in Dubai? Are your neighbors foreigners? If yes, there’s a chance you can safely take her to your place.

Consider Online Dating Sites

If you don’t get caught, dating a ladyboy is not against the law. In Dubai, you’ll meet trans people from the US, Canada, India, Thailand, Russia, and the Philippines. It’s possible to meet a trans single looking for a relationship on the internet. In fact, it may be the sole viable option. To increase your chances, you need to be consistent. The number of profiles on local trans dating sites is overwhelming. Unfortunately, so is that of fake profiles.

Don’t send message after message. Always read what the profile says first. Eventually, you’ll enjoy a pleasant chat with one or more ladyboys. Follow up on it by asking them out. If something feels “off” about them, don’t proceed. If not, don’t ghost them. Be communicative and present, but don’t push for a date out of desperation.